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Phil Mickelson flop shot over Roger Cleveland

f you are going to let anyone strike a flop shot directly over your head, make sure that person is Phil Michelson. I guess any disaster could have just been blamed on the clubs.

Mickelson is back with his classic trick and teaching class while he is at it.

Let me continue by saying I have no clue what Lefty does here. I can listen and watch and take it all in, but it does me no good the next time I hit the links.

While I have all the confidence in the world I could take the same shot and not hit Cleveland, it’s only because my golf shots never go straight.

In this case, we know the star shoots with tremendous accuracy, which makes this shot all the more terrifying. The only thing needed is loft, and it makes the golf club designer a bit skittish out there.

2013 PGA Merchandise Show: SNAG Golf

Snag Golf is an acronym for Starting New at Golf.  It is a fun, easy to use system for new learners that combines modified equipment and simplified terminology to learn the fundamentals golf anywhere and at any age.

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