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Bronx Bomber or are they Just Bombing?

Yankees update 2013 July During the last few seasons there have been many discussions that the new Yankee Stadium is a bam box, a building structure acting like wind tunnels to spring board home runs. The Yankees led the AL in home runs in the last two seasons giving a basis to this premise. In 2012 the Yankees whacked 31 more homers over the second place team to hit a grand total of 245. This year at the all star break the Bronx Bombers hit 88 home runs, making them the 3rd least favored in the league. And 25% of those homers were hit by Robinson Cano, the only representative of the Yankees offensive unit at the All Star game, a game that seemed for the last 15 years to look like a Yankee exhibition. Cano was taken out of the game after a first inning 96 MPH Matt Harvey fastball found Cano’s leg, which is indicative of the Yankee season. Power hasn’t been the only issue for the bombers, through the all star break, the Yankees have a run differential of (-2) giving up more runs then they have scored in a position of 7 games above .500, a testament of the job Joe Girardi has done at the helm this year. The Yankees and Yankee fans are facing a new reality that they have never experienced, not even before the George Steinbrenner era, the New York Yankees and their fans are facing a scenario never thought to be an option before, playing and rotating AAA talent, a team used for filling holes with shiny new all stars.

The Yankees have some contracts coming off the books next year and will probably lose Curtis Grandison, Phil Hughes and Joba Chamberlain to free agency and the Yankees are not looking to be spenders this off season bringing an A chips free agents.  Robinson is due a huge contract at the end of the year and it still remains uncertain that he will stay. Will the Yankees allow themselves to get tied up in another 10 year mega millions contract that got them into this predicament in the first place?  Are the Yankees buyers, seller or what coming to the July 31, trade deadline?  What we do know is not to expect -any high priced fixes, like they have shown in the last few years bringing in aging players at low risks.  I believe that until 2015 the Yankees have put themselves and their aging team on a hold pattern unless they get lucky or creative.  Alex Rodriguez most go, if the Yankees want to refresh the team quickly.  That is much harder said then done and the Yankees still owe A-Rod over $100M that’s a big bone to digest. Rumors are that MLB is seeking to suspend A-Rod, but given the history of MLB and players tried over steroids, Barry Bonds, Roger Clements and even the Ryan Braun last season suspension reversal due to a silly technicality, there is a slim chance that the Hal Steinbrennar will be let out of his 10 year mistake.  In the recent year there has been a outcry from Yankee fans to release A-Rod, a $100M discussion. A discussion that has a huge financial implication but one that the team must face even though releasing A-Rod does not make his $29M payroll numbers come off the books.  Brian Cashman, who wanted A-Rod out the door when Alex opted out in 2007, will have to get creative and find a team that will bail out the Yanks by paying next years salary. I would think the Yankees will have to pay out the remainder of that contract.

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