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How Yoga can Help Golfers

images-1You may be surprised to hear that practicing yoga can drastically improve your golf game. The popularity of yoga for athletes has been growing recently. There is no better method of cross training no matter what your sport of choice is. Unlike lifting weights, which focuses on only one muscle group at a time, yoga encompasses a variety of muscles with just one pose. Yoga helps with strength, flexibility, posture, breathing and even prevent injuries.

Having a strong core is essential for improving your swing. To get that powerful drive, you may have only been working on the muscles in your arms but really strengthening your core will give you that extra power. The beauty of yoga is that that downward dog not only strengthens your arms but also your core and even increases flexibility in your legs.

Have you ever pulled a muscle? Nearly every athlete has at some point or another in their career, well increasing flexibility in your muscles could prevent strains or pulls. Working on your flexibility could make all the difference in your range of motion. The dangers of simply lifting weights to strengthen your muscles without increasing flexibility are all too real. Imagine how much better you will play without all of that tension in your muscles.

Another benefit of yoga is better posture. Once your core is strengthened you will never waste a second worrying about whether or not you are standing up straight enough when you are about to tee off. Standing up straight will increase the power in your swing and reduce back pain. Proper breathing can have a surprising effect on your game as well. Yoga focuses on deep; slow breathing, which can have a powerful calming effect. Rather than quick shallow breaths, which will only feed your nerves, deep breathing will help you relax and focus on the game. Every athlete knows that for every ounce of physical strength and skill that is required, there is just as much a need for mental focus and serenity. Proper breathing is the difference between a nervous amateur and a calm experienced golfer. Lifting heavy weights can cause serious damage to your muscles so why not try yoga? This is an all-encompassing practice that covers a variety of aspects of the essentials needed to be successful in your sport. Yoga has positive mental and physical effects on a golfers game.

By Morgan Casper

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