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Scotty Cameron- The Art of Putting

Scotty Cameron began designing putters professionally in 1991. He began his career working for Maxfli, Cleveland, and then Mizuno; creating a very basic yet refined series of putters. This line included the Napa, Laguna, Santa Fe, and Del-Mar style putters. of course these are the names for his Titleist line of putters. For Mizuno they were called M-100, M-200, M-300 and M-400 respectfully. These Mizuno putters are classics and very rare to find. They range in price from $300-$600 online.

Titleis line of Putters Save

The turning point came for Scotty in 1993 when one of his putters was used by the Masters winner Berhard Langer. By 1994 Scotty Cameron left Mizuno and was in negotiations to partner with Acushnet the parent company to Titleist. Titleist hired Scotty to create world-class putters that blended art with golf. Scotty Cameron immediately put Titleist on the map, and after two years at Titleist Scotty most famously created the Newport 2 with the Domino back, the putter that Tiger Woods used to win the 1997 Masters. This putter sent the golf world into a Scotty Cameron Frenzy.

The Art of Putting tips

Scotty Cameron has the slogan “The art of Putting”, this what makes his putters unique and desirable. He creates limited edition putters with recognizable stamps, finishes, shapes, and putter head covers; every piece of the putter is creative art and a testament to his craft. Scotty Cameron is credited with over 150 professional victories of players using his putter, and his putters have won 27 Majors since 1993. Scotty Cameron putters are not cheap; they range from the most produced at $350 to the most limited edition at $6,000. A few favorites are shown below, enjoy:

Putting Golf ProductsGolf Putting Products 2013

By: Claude Pope

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