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The Race for Golf Player of the Year

Adam Tiger Phil who is on top

Adam Scott had to hold off a charging Tiger Woods and a lip out specialist Gary Woodland to be the last man standing and win the Barclays in a week to remember a boost for Adam Scott.on the PGA Tour. This was a fantastic finish to the first Fed Ex Cup playoff event, and

Adam Scott is now in contention to be player of the year on the PGA Tour. He has two wins including a Major at Augusta National, and the Barclays.  Phil Mickelson is also in the talks for player of the year with his two wins, one a Major at the British Open, and the other the Waste Management at TPC Scottsdale. They are both chasing Tiger Woods who is at the forefront of not only wining the Player of the Year award, but also the 10 million dollar check for the Fed Ex Cup Champion.  Tiger Woods has 5 victories this year on Tour but no majors. So this begs the question if Adam Scott or Phil Mickelson could win one more time this year, Would three wins including a Major are better than 5 Tour wins with no major?

I think if you asked Tiger Woods which he would rather have, it would be a Major and two Tour victories.  Tiger is desperate for another Major. He has struggled the past 5 years to close out on a Sunday and win a Major in his pursuit to catch Jack Nicklaus’s record of 18 Majors. I think almost any Touring Pro would rather have 3 wins including a Major than 5 regular season wins. But this is an agreement of speculation. Right now Adam Scott and Phil Mickelson need to have to win one more time to justify their case for Player of the Year.

By Claude Pope

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