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Top Five Best Golf Gloves

eqsl01-golf-glovesIn any sport, you make it far with skill, but in order to maximize your performance you need to be comfortable while you play, especially in the game of golf. Clubs of course play a big part in your performance, but a study by Golf Digest found that a high percentage of golfers owned gloves that were too big. A better fit glove will decrease the wear and tear as well as the possibility of club slippage and blisters. The key to finding the right gloves are to size your hand to see whether it falls under small, cadet, medium, large or extra-large category. You need to make sure that while trying on gloves to move your fingers around and check the mobility offered because gloves loosen through use. Make sure not to use a glove that is overly stiff, you need as much movement as you can. I would suggest to also check the palms of the gloves because these are often the first part to fail. Over all it all depends on the individuals comfort.

The top five golf gloves that are suggested are Callaway X Spann, Footjoy Gtxtreme, Footjoy Pure Touch Limited, Footjoy Sci Flex, and Footjoy Stasof. These Gloves are ones that are used the most in the PGA Tour. They have either Pittards or Cabretta leather on the palms and fingers.  The fabrics on each glove are lightweight and breathable and are vented with an elastic opening. The Palm, thumb, knuckles and wrists are soft and synthetic, designed to stretch for easy movement. Due to the leather on the glove, it enhances the grip and feel of the club, this way the club won’t slip off your hand. The prices vary for gloves like these, anywhere from $10 to $30.


The callaway X Spann is breathable, light, great grip – looks cool. This is a great glove for keeping your hand dry in the heat. This glove maintains a solid grip on clubs. It is very durable because it stays drier than other gloves.





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