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Golfs Hottest Debate: Anchoring the Putter

The PGA of America’s President Tim Finchem made an announcement two days ago that the PGA Tour would not ban anchoring the putter to your body. This announcement has come under fire most notably from European Tour Legend Colin Montgomerie. Monty would like to see the governing bodies in golf the R&A and the USGA make these kind of ruling decisions. It is not up to the PGA Tour officials to make these rule decisions. This issue is, does anchoring the putter give the player an advantage? This has been a topic of conversation for almost 20 years now, and it seems a little too late to be implementing a rule that would make players change the way they have learned how to putt their entire life. The R&A or the Royal and Ancient governing body would like to see the putter banned, the USGA is not sure, and the PGA would like to see it allowed. What we have here is a dilemma; Golf does not need to be divided on this issue. It would hurt the game to have different rules in America and oversees. Personally I don’t see a problem using a anchoring stoke to putt. The guys who putt like this are not winning golf tournaments because it is easier to putt that way. They are winning golf tournaments because they spend hours a day for years practicing that stroke. Give the players credit for being innovative and trying the untraditional method. If this stoke was easier to make putts, wouldn’t all tour players convert to the belly putter? Check above picture of Webb Simpson, and decide for your self if you think the Belly Putter and Anchoring the club to your body is unfair advantage.

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