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Golf is Next for Micheal Phelps


Tee-links announces that it will be following Micheal Phelps journey to play the perfect golf game so be sure to follow tee-links for weekly news and comments on his strategies to be the best golfer.

Michael has achieved some amazing things in the field of swimming. Never before has anyone earned 22 Olympic medals. His 18 gold medals represent a record achievement that may never be equaled, and this includes 11 medals in Olympic individual events. He also holds a number of world records in several swimming categories.

Since the age of 7, Michael has been swimming, and within three years he was a national record holder at the young age of 10. Since then he has enjoyed a stream of swimming successes, and this is not easy as Michael has to deal with ADHD. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder makes it very difficult to concentrate and stay focused on one thing for very long.

Michael’s latest quest is to be the top player in his club. He is approaching this endeavor with the same energy and zeal as swimming and he has great help. Michael has aligned himself with one of the best golfing coaches available, Hank Haney.

Hank Haney operates coaching facilities in Dallas and has some very famous students to his credit. Thanks to Haney, Tiger Woods has a flatter and more effective swing. Haney teaches his students a better understanding of what happens to the ball when you hit it, and how the way you hit the ball affects its travel. He has also coached famous PGA golfer Mark O’Meara.

The Haney Project is a popular cable TV reality show, and you can see these episodes on the Golf Channel. Michael Phelps will have a most enviable part in the coming season, as he plays at some of the best golf courses available.

This popular golfing reality show features well-known people and celebrities that are not great golfers. It is Haney’s “project” to turn them into better golfers. In the past he has featured famous people like Charles Barkley in the first season.

Season two of the Haney Project features Ray Romano, and Rush Limbaugh in season three. In the fourth season, four celebrity students keep their golf course tee times with Haney for everyone to enjoy. In season five, you can watch Michael Phelps as he tries his hand at this sport.

Tee-links announces its

In a recent interview with AP, Haney talks about Michael Phelps and his immense desire to excel at his new sport. He feels that Michael is full of potential and has what it takes to succeed. This includes the fact that he has very long arms.

If you are interested in Michael Phelps or you are an avid golfer, tune in soon to the Haney Project on the Golf channel. You will see some great entertainment and fun. Be there with Michael and do not be late. Tee times start February of 2013.

So stay tuned starting in February 2013 the golf channel has taken Michael Phelps up on his quest for the perfect golf game. And be sure to follow your golf destination where the golf course tee-times deals and are not only guaranteed to be hugely discounted, but you will also never pay a fee.

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